Thursday, September 16, 2010

Airbrush Compressor AIR REGULATOR Moisture Filter/Brush

Airbrush Compressor AIR REGULATOR Moisture Filter/Brush

Product Description
Reduces Air Pulsation: Minimizes airflow fluctuation; Easy to Use: Pull the top button up; turn clockwise to increase the pressure; turn; counter-clockwise to release the pressure; Fittings: Includes 1/8" output fitting and has a 1/4" inlet opening.

Product Features
  • True Diaphragm Mini Regulator with Gauge and Water Trap Filter
  • Improve your Airbrushes Performance by using this Regulator for Accurate, Moisture-Free Airflow!
  • Provides the user full control of operating air pressure
  • Precise Adjustment of Airflow: Regulated air up to 100 PSI (7 Bar)
  • Water Trap Filter: Ensures clean, dry air and has an easy release drain valve

Customer Review

By: Michael F. Neidinger "Hobby Junkie" (Wisconsin, USA)
I don't usually write reviews, but there seems to be a lack of information on any of these regulators and I'm hoping to help others make a decision.

First, I did not purchase this regulator on Amazon, (sorry, Amazon, I still love yah) but it is the same model from the same vendor. Second, I am a beginner level airbrush artist and new to compressed air tools. I do, however, have a lot of experience with tools in general.

The regulator came with no instructions and even though I should have known better, I hooked it up backwards. There is an arrow (triangle) on the front. This is where the gauge goes. The input goes toward the back of the arrow and the output is the side where the arrow points. Once I figured that out everything was good. I used teflon tape on all my connections and I have zero leaks. When adjusting the pressure, you may need to momentarily turn on the airbrush. This enables the gauge to start reading.  Also, I purchased a few items from TCP Global, and they were a pleasure to deal with.

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